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Skedify Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction

    This privacy policy describes how Skedify, the private limited liability company incorporated under Belgian law, with registered offices at BE – 9000, Ghent, Zuiderlaan 1-3 bus 5, registered at the Register of Legal Entities of Ghent under the number 0537.590.925 and known by the VAT- administration under the number BE 0537.590.925 (hereafter “Skedify”) receives and collects information through her website

  2. Why we care for your privacy. 

    The provision of a personalised webservice requires us to collect and process your personal data. Personal data is every type of data that allows the direct or indirect identification of a natural person. It is sufficient that the data allows us to establish a (direct or indirect) link between one or more data-pieces and a natural person.

    Skedify is committed to make sure that your personal information is kept confidential and is only used for those specific purposes that are in-line with the purpose of our platform. This privacy policy is essential to create confidence, goodwill and stronger relationships with our Users. We like to inform you in the most extensive manner about the collecting and processing of your personal data. Therefore you will always be aware of the type, the extent of, and the purposes for which personal data are collected and used.

    By providing this information, we confirm our compliance with the most important strict legislative conditions as required by the Belgian data protection legislation, in particular the Act of 8 December 1992 on Privacy Protection in relation to the Processing of Personal Data (Privacy Act and the General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018 (‘the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC’).

    We assume that the user of our applications has taken notice of this Privacy Policy and agreed to the collection and processing of personal information that are in accordance thereto. Be aware that we do occasionally update this Privacy Policy, and that it is your responsibility to examine and take notification of any change made to this document. So please do return and review this Policy on a regular basis. Any substantial change will be clearly communicated.

    If you still have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’d love to hear your feedback.

  3. Who is responsible for the data processing? 

    The Privacy Act draws a distinction between a ‘data controller’ and a ‘data processor’. We provide you with a clear notice of this distinction, as this is extremely important to avoid some ambiguity about responsibilities.

    Skedify is data controller only for information gathered via the Website.

    For data provided on the application solution, Skedify is data processor and we refer you to the Terms & Conditions and Data Privacy Agreement set up with the Skedify clients (paying customers).

    1. Data controller 

      The data controller is every natural person and/or legal entity that determines the purposes and the means (legal and technical) of the processing of personal data. This determination can be done alone or jointly with others.

      The data controller is identifiable as:

      Skedify NV

      Toekomststraat 132

      9040 Ghent

      Flanders, Belgium

      Company number: BE0537.590.925

      Phone: +32 (0) 471 450 170


    2. Data processors

      Skedify uses a number of online data processors that collect, store and process your data. These data processors are natural persons or legal entities that proces the personal data on behalf of the data controller Skedify. The natural persons who, under the direct authority of the party responsible for the processing, are authorised to process the data do not fall within this category.

      We have carefully selected these processors. The selected processors offer notably all the adequate guarantees with regard to technical and organizational security measures regarding the processing of your personal data. They also satisfy all the other requirements of Article 16, §1 Privacy Act.

      The controller is not responsible for any loss or corruption of personal data, identity theft, data theft, viruses or Trojans, SQL injections or other attacks on computer systems or online cloud portals. The processors have gained professional expertise in their domain and decide therefore in an autonomous manner over the most technically appropriate application to process the data. The data controller is not expected to have the same expertise and speciality.

  4. What information do we collect about you? 

    We may collect, store and use the following kinds of personal information:

      • Information about your computer such as hardware and software, and about your visits to and use of this website (including your IP address, geographical location, operating system and browser type).
      • Information that you provide to us for the purpose of registration, which is required to obtain access to the platform. The registration requires you to provide us with personal contact information, such as your name, company name and email address, selected password, etc. In addition, upon the purchase of a subscription we also require certain financial information that will be managed by our payment providers.
      • Any other information arising from communications with the User, such as support, inquiries and FAQ.

    The collection of personal data may be more extensive dependant on whether the user makes intensive use of the website or relies on certain services.

    The website also collects anonymous data, this is corresponding technical data that is used solely for internal purposes to get information on user navigation. Since these data are not used to identify users, they do fall outside this Privacy Statement.

  5. The purposes of data processing. 

    We process your personal information for an overarching goal: we want to offer you the best-personalised experience when visiting our platform.

    The information we collect about you is primarily processed to help us ensure the proper technical functioning of the platform and to provide you access to the application in a secure, effective and user-related manner. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible service. We need your information in order to better understand how you access and use our platform and services. This information allows us improve and respond to your wishes, questions and criticism.

    We would like to offer our services in the most efficient and personalised way. This implies that we may use your personal information to tailor the content we send or display to you, to offer personalized help and instructions, and to otherwise personalize your experiences while using the website or our services.

    We may also use your information internally for marketing and promotional purposes. For example, we may use it to send you news and newsletters, special offers, and promotions, or to otherwise contact you about products or information we think may interest you. The User can always unsubscribe from such e-mails.

    The way we offer you the application and its related services remains subject of constant changes as we are still evolving. It is therefore important that you give us permission to use your personal information in a manner that allows us to develop new innovative features and services. These new developments remain within our original objectives.

  6. How long will we hold your data? 

    We only process your personal information as long as necessary. We do keep a record of your data as long as your account is active, or if your personal data is necessary to offer you a particular service. We promise to delete your personal data as soon as this data is no longer required for the aforementioned purposes. The deletion is comparable to deleting files on your computer using the ‘trash bin’, allowing us to recover the data to a certain extent for some time.

  7. Do we share your information? 

    We, at Skedify, consider mutual confidence very important. That’s why we would like to ensure you that we process your personal information only for internal use. We neither rent nor sell your personal information or those of your visitors in personnaly identifiable form to anyone but the trusted and reputable third party processors listed hereunder.

    To help us deliver our Service, we use various third party apps. We make sure that in our agreement with these third parties, your privacy will be guaranteed.

    We carefully selected the external service providers and review them regularly to ensure that your privacy is preserved. All such third party processors are contractually bound by us to keep your information confidential. All information provided to third party processors is used by them only to carry out the service they are providing for us.

    We will not transfer your data to any other third parties without letting you know in advance or asking for your prior permission. We may only transfer your data to other third parties without informing you separately beforehand in the exceptional cases legally provided in the Privacy Act, notably when such transfer is necessary or legally required on important public interest grounds, or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

    In order to further develop our business, we may alter the corporate structure of Skedify by changing its legal form. We may also form, sell or buy subsidiaries, divisions or parts of the company. In such transactions, customer information together with the part of the company to be transferred will be passed on. Every time personal data are transferred to third parties to the extent prescribed, Skedify will ensure that this is done in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection laws.

    Skedify is a Belgian initiative, but operates globally. It is therefore possible for the data to be transferred to and stored in countries outside the European Economic Area. However, Skedify will always do so in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.

  8. My rights as a data subject? 

    Each user can be assured that his personal data will be processed in a fair and lawfully manner. This means that the data will only be processed for the above explicit and legitimate purposes. Skedify also ensures that the personal data are always adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.

    1. Right to access

      Each user who proves his identity has a right of access to all information regarding the processing of his personal data by Skedify, as defined in the Privacy Act. This includes information on the purposes of the processing, the categories of information processed and relate the categories of recipients to whom the data are provided. This Privacy Policy is a first indication.

      The user shall exercise his right through a signed, written request to Skedify, by post or e-mail to Skedify undertakes the appropriate action following a request within 15 days.

    2. Right to correct

      Skedify attaches a great importance to an accurate data collection. Inaccurate or incomplete personal data can therefore always be improved or even obliterated. For it is impossible for us to be on a continuous basis aware of any mistakes, incompleteness or falseness of your personal data, it is up to the user to report inaccuracies or omissions and to perform the necessary adjustments where possible.

      If your personal actions seem not enough, feel free to contact us using a signed, written request directed at Skedify performs the necessary actions within 15 days by making additions, correcting or deleting the personal data. The removal is mainly related to the visibility, so it is possible that the deleted personal data remains temporarily stored.

    3. Right to object

      Each user can oppose the processing of his personal data. This right to object exists only if there are sufficient legitimate and weighty grounds relating to his particular situation. The exceptions provided in the Privacy Act are also applicable to this right of objection. You may at any time, free of charge and without further ado oppose the proposed processing of your personal data if those data were obtained for the purpose of direct marketing.

      You are also entitled to obtain the removal and/or the ban on the use of all your personal data which have been obtained and which are incomplete or irrelevant, regarded from the view of the purpose of the processing. This is also applicable to any personal data of which the registration, disclosure, and retention are prohibited, or personal data preserved after expiry of the authorized period. This right can be used at any time, free of charge and without further justification.

      You shall exercise this right through a signed, written request to Skedify, by post or e-mail to Skedify undertakes the appropriate action following a request within 15 days.