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KickAss opportunity to turn your knowledge into lifechanging experiences

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How do we work?

Quickly evolve and adjust is a must in a SaaS environment. Therefore we work according to the SCRUM method: iterations, planning, demo's and a daily stand-up. You will be considered as a full team member and participate in all our team discussions, so we can guarantee an accurate succession as an internship mentor.

We build features according to the Gitflow principle which allows us to collaborate at different tasks. Although we strongly motivate our people’s independency, your colleagues will always be eager to help you with questions, decision making, feedback or even programming.

During our schedule meetings you give your personal estimations and commitment to the variety of tasks that need to be done. We work in a rather small team, which makes communication even more effortless.

What will you be learning?

- Analysing, evaluating and selecting technologies

- Convert your knowledge into practical experience regarding to designing patterns and best practices 

- Working with modern web applications on a professional levelJ

- A variety of techniques which allows you to deliver functionality step-by-step

- Collaboration with colleagues; how to discuss and argue and finally make compromises

- Scale and increase your performance 

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