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Connect Skedify with your customer-facing applications with our robust, fully-accessible API.

Native integrations

Seamless Scheduling from your CRM

Sales engagement is all about bridging the gap between your CMS and CRM systems. With this integration Skedify enables a seamless transfer of all scheduling data into the Salesforce or MS dynamics CRM environment.

Salesforce Integration

Easily integrate Skedify and salesforce with this native, off-the-shelve complete integration

MS Dynamics Integration

Easily integrate Skedify and MS Dynamics with this native, off-the-shelve complete integration

CMS Connectors

Enrich the CMS by integrating Skedify with it: pass CMS identifiers along to Skedify; retrieve and store individual scheduling data in the CMS; personalize website content and scheduling sequences with combined CMS+Skedify data.

Applicant Tracking Connectors

Connect your applicant tracking software with intelligent meeting scheduling that will cover every possible scenario, making the hiring process effortless for all involved parties

CRM Connectors

A fluid data flow between Skedify and your existing CRM tool. Schedule virtual appointments, sync customer data with your existing CRM tool, and optimize your team’s workflow without disruption.

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