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The Biggest Decision of Your Life, Made Easier with Skedify

Hypotheek.winkel offers guidance throughout the process of acquiring a property and mediation in mortgage credits and related insurances.

Learn how Skedify helped the team of experts at hypotheek.winkel connect with more customers.

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The Pressing Challenge

  • An inefficient appointment booking process involving a low-converting online form and constant chasing of clients by phone.

The Pressing Challenge

Results at a glance

  • An measurable improvement in visitor-to-appointment ratio. Today, 2/3rds of all branch appointments are booked through their digital channels.

  • Significantly fewer wasteful activities such as ineffective follow-ups, no shows and manual (re)scheduling. 

  • An increase in post-appoitnment customer satisifaction data, reflected in higher CSAT (96) and NPS (78) figures.

Results at a glance

Skedify rollout, step by step


Skedify gets the Green Light

After understanding the urgent need for an efficient scheduling solution, hypotheek.winkel used the momentum of their new website to implement an appointment scheduling platform.

Analysis & Implementation

In several joint workshops, executives at hypotheek.winkel sat down with Skedify's Customer Success Manager to align the new scheduling flow with the existing customer journey.

One of the immediate outcomes was the ability to link the company's senior experts with high-value prospects.

Rollout & Support

A segment of branches tested Skedify to analyze the impact on customer experience and conversion rates.

After seeing positive results off the bat, hypotheek.winkel rolled out the platform to its entire network.

"Offering good advice lies at the core of everything hypotheek.winkel does and thanks to Skedify, the company can now bring more customers in for a meeting."

David Geerts

CCO at hypotheek.winkel

Read how Skedify helped the team of experts at hypotheek.winkel connect with more customers.

Results at a glance

  • A measurable improvement in visitor-to-appointment ratio. Today, 2/3rds of all branch appointments are booked through their digital channels.
  • Significantly fewer wasteful activities such as ineffective follow-ups, no-shows and manual (re)scheduling.
  • An increase in post-appointment customer satisfaction data, reflected in higher CSAT (96) and NPS (78) figures.

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