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Brilart achieves exceptional results and increased revenue from Skedify’s scheduling tool

Brilart is a small, exclusive opticians service, with two Belgian shops based in Torhout and Heule. 

They collaborate with Adfundum, a digital marketing consultancy, who help Brilart increase their business visibility through web channels and traditional media.

Adfundum recommended Skedify's scheduling tool and within seven business days, Skedify implemented a total online scheduling solution.

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The Pressing Challenge

  • The Coronavirus lockdown forced Brilart to close their two shops. They wanted to guarantee a safe environment for their staff and customers when they reopened.

    Skedify's automated scheduling platform helped Brilart significantly improve their customer experience while exceeding their expected revenue.

The Pressing Challenge

Results at a glance

  • Skedify onboarded automated scheduling for Brilart’s customers within seven business days.

  • Skedify's booking plug-in was embedded into the fabric of every page of Brilart's website, providing a powerful Call To Action at every possible opportunity.

  • Within one week of implementation, Brilart's schedules for both stores were fully booked.

  • Brilart's revenue exceeded that of the same month the previous year, made possible by Skedify's rapid deployment for this business-critical function.

Results at a glance

"Within the first week of implementation, all employee schedules were full. That was an outstanding outcome for us. Something also happened that we never expected: in May, BrilArt achieved more revenue compared to the same month last year where there had been no lockdown. And that was possible, thanks to Skedify."

Kristof Van Laethem

Account Manager at Adfundum

Read how Brilart and Adfundum achieved exceptional results and increased revenue from Skedify’s scheduling tool.

Onboarding & Impact

  • Brilart wanted to increase safety for clients and staff when they reopened after lockdown. They liaised with Adfundum, who set about finding a digital solution.

  • Adfundum engaged with Skedify, describing their customer requirements. Skedify listened and had the solution, with the reassurance that they could deploy the system in record time.

  • Over the space of seven working days, Skedify worked alongside Adfundum to embed the schedule booking system, using specific defining rules to address Brilart’s business-critical requirements

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