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Mon Nov 08 2021 · 3 min read

Life at Skedify

Life at Skedify: Account Executive with Julie

The second part of our mini-series 'Life at Skedify' is out.
An initiative where we interview different key players in several departments within Skedify. Every couple of weeks we publish a new episode, with a new guest in a different role. Stay tuned for more 😉

Watch the second episode with Account Executive, Julie Vermeersch, here:

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Julie, I'm one of the account executives at Skedify. I'm 32 years old and I live in Ghent. Fun fact about me: I practice pilates, but no one knows what that is, so nevermind.

What’s your role here?

My actual responsibility, at Skedify as an account executive, is to convert a qualified prospect into a new customer. So in doing so, I need to keep track of budgets, I need to determine the timing. I need to identify the exact person I need to speak to at a company. And I need to give or provide the answer to the actual needs of that specific customer. So we keep in mind the actual needs of a customer, and we provide a solution specified to what the customer needs, at that point in time.

What do you like most about your job?

What I love about that, what I love about that job is the actual conversations with the customers. I like to get to know the businesses in which they work. And I like to provide them with a solution for their sales engagement and scheduling needs.

What’s unique about this place?

What I really like about working at Skedify, there are actually two main reasons, it's twofold. The one is the actual technology. Our developers have done a great job, and it's actually ... [?] actually developing a very, very, very strong product, which I stand with wholeheartedly. So I wouldn't be able to sell it, if I didn't believe in it. On the other hand, also, Skedify as a company is unique in the sense that it's young and it's enthusiast, everyone believes in a product and we all want to push Skedify forward. With that there comes a very open culture, a very open feedback culture as well. If something isn't going as planned, there's just an open way of respectfully mentioning what the issue was and what could have been done better for the future preferences.

What message do you have for new applicants?

Why I would recommend people to come work at Skedify, as you can see, it always feels a bit like a holiday. Nevermind!

Next to that, It's again, twofold. We have a very strong technology that has been or is updated every single day. Next to that, we have a very open and respectful company culture, which I believe is very attractive, attractive to work for. So I would really highly recommend it, if you're interested in working at Skedify, in Ghent, or further down, just. do. it!

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