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Sat Jun 26 2021 · 4 min read


How to Streamline Appointment Procedures

You’ve worked hard online to make a connection with your potential consumer. You’ve used social media; you’ve reached out and engaged them. Now, lo and behold, they want to make an appointment with you. So, what’s the best way to convert your online relationship to an offline sale?

Streamlining the process and empowering your employees is a good place to start. When it comes to setting appointments, micromanaging will only bog down the already complex sales process. Setting them is a time-consuming process in and of itself. In fact, some company’s employees lose up to 17 minutes per day just booking appointments. That’s productivity time lost.

Appointments offer you, the business, the opportunity for some face time with your potential customer. This face time is imperative to converting your potential customer into a sale and ultimately a brand spokesman for you, which boils down to even more sales. However, the process of setting appointments can throw a wrench in your business model if done inefficiently. Your customer can become frustrated with too much back and forth, and you may very well lose them before you even get to the meeting.

So, how can you prevent that? Awareness of the issues is the first step.

The Doctor Will See You Now

How many times have you tried to make an appointment with a doctor? They have availability when you don’t, and you jockey back and forth until you settle on something that is least inconvenient for both parties. How much of your day did you waste on that? Thirty minutes, when you include holding time? Additionally, how much time did the receptionist waste on you trying to find a time that worked for both you and your doctor? What else could she have been doing while she was on the phone with you? Filing papers? Checking other clients out? Faxing doctors orders?

When you’re talking about ROI, it’s no wonder a doctor’s appointment can be expensive. You just spent thirty minutes of your time, and the receptionist’s time, and you haven’t even seen him yet. Even if your doctor’s office has a better handle on the process,

you’re going to spend at least ten to fifteen minutes just setting the appointment.

Efficiency is key

As with any business model, efficiency is the key to getting the most bang for your buck. This applies to everything from your social media campaign, your advertising dollar, and the way you set appointments.

So what can you do?

  1. Offer flexible time and date options for appointments. Offering as many available employees as possible to accommodate your customer’s schedule can maximize appointment setting. If you only have one person available actually to have appointments, this can make setting appointments cumbersome, as your employee’s availability quickly lessens. Remember, your ultimate goal is to make a sale. You do that first by accommodating your customer. It’s about them, not you. They’re interested in your product now, so don’t make them wait two months to find out more. Please do whatever you can to make the process easy for them; that means offering lots of available times to meet.
  2. Find out what your customer needs. So, if your goal is to accommodate your customer, you should find out exactly what they need and pair them with the appropriate employee accordingly. Please do not waste your customer’s time or your employee’s time by scheduling a dentist appointment when they really needed an OBGYN. For instance, if you run an air conditioning business, make sure the scheduler gets as much information as possible about the problem so that your technician is appropriately equipped when they show up. Doing this effectively can eliminate the potential for mistakes, frustration, and unhappy customers in the long run.
  3. Keep schedulers informed. This is vital. Use software, Post-It notes, email, or any other form of communication to keep schedulers as up to date as possible about your availability for clients. Nothing will turn a potential sale away faster than having to reschedule an appointment. It’s unprofessional and a waste of everyone’s time, which results in dollars lost. The bottom line, keep appointment setters in the loop.
  4. Consider using software. A software like Skedify can help bridge the gap between your business and your consumer when scheduling appointments.

Make software work for you.

Regardless of what type of scheduling methods you use, the software can help streamline the process. Software programs like Skedify can access many different calendars, which maximizes availabilities for both parties. There’s less back and forth, saving time and money for both parties. Because it offers a faster and more streamlined process, frustrations that can build while listening to smooth jazz hold music run lower. Time, effort, and stress are all reduced. Schedule matching is important to set appointments efficiently. Software like Skedify can help match your client and your business on the first try. This offers less opportunity for cancellations later down the road, meaning optimum ROI for your business. Software also uses auto-reminders and auto-saving features to automatically keep your client aware of their appointment with you, which minimizes no-shows.

Helping your employees help your clients

Not only can software help streamline the scheduling process for your clients, but it can empower your employees and free them up for other tasks. Consider scheduling software like a tool that maximizes your employee’s efficiency. You wouldn’t send a chef in to cut a piece of meat with a butter knife. Software like Skedify can be the sharpest tool in your chef’s knife block, helping him to make short work of that steak. Since he’s cutting so efficiently now, that leaves him more time actually to cook the meal. And after all, isn’t that what you hired him for? So it goes for efficient scheduling. The less time your employees spend scheduling appointments, the more time they can spend with your clients, which boils down to more sales for you.

Can I have a mulligan?

And, what do you do if someone gets sick? Wants a sudden vacation? Leaves? You’ll need to reschedule. Rescheduling can be cumbersome at best. But, using a software program like Skedify can make it a walk in the park, even helping your employees to reschedule appointments in three seconds or less. The faster the rescheduling process, the happier your client is. So, rather than going back and forth with an already irritated client because they thought they had their appointment scheduled already, your employee can call the client prepared with plenty of other options, set the new appointment and be off the phone before they even know be irritated.

Running a business is a complicated process filled with many small parts that all have to run efficiently for maximum ROI. Setting appointments is not somewhere you want to be losing money, particularly when it can be so easy to streamline and simplify the process.

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