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An online meeting scheduler makes appointment booking online much easier. It reduces the time customers take to go from click to brick and provides a professional tool for enterprises to schedule appointments online with speed and efficiency.
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gain customer Insights

In complex industries that have wide service networks and an even wider variety of services and products, keeping an eye on all key customer interactions can be difficult. Using online booking software allows you to track these interactions throughout the customer journey to help you enrich the journey for customers with real face-to-face interactions.


increase conversion

An online meeting planner can raise your conversion rate by up to 5 times compared to plain ‘old’ webforms: customers can schedule an appointment and be guaranteed to meet the right person, who will actually have the time to pay attention to the client


increase customer satisfaction

The empowered customer wants to be able to connect to you when and where they want. With this scheduling tool, your service acquisition is available 24/7, demonstrating professionalism and receptiveness to clients. There is a constant opportunity for feedback which, in turn, helps improve the customer experience.


increase efficiency & productivity

Scheduling meetings is time consuming and does not drive profit. A fully automated scheduling tool not only increases efficiency and improves service quality, but also recovers time that can be spent on tasks that add value to both the company and the customer.


Customize Appointment topics for each service

Set appointment subjects and integrate forms according to the company’s services, connected to the responsibilities and expertise of the answerable person.
Configure appointment duration and set scheduling preferences, assignments and flows.
Integrated form builder
Create custom forms for every topic to ask targeted questions and build customer profiles.

Enterprise Management

Skedify is built to handle the complexity of your company and its structure within the tool, but can also be integrated into any existing resource management system.
branch network management
Integrate your network of branches and different service points in a central system.
user management
Improve customer resolution through clear task management of employees according to their expertise and responsibilities.

Availability Management

Automated management of availability for appointments with customer based on scheduling settings and real-time calendar synchronization. 
Calendar integration
Two-way synchronization of all major calendar clients (Google Calendar, Exchange 2007, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Office365,, iCloud Calendar) and configured exporting and synchronization rules.
Set availability
Easily configure daily availability settings for appointments with customers both in team and on an individual level

A platform you can build on



Skedify continuously undergoes penetration tests in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 standards, focusing on authentication and authorizations/access protocols.

calendar synchronization

All major calendar clients can be integrated in Skedify, including Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, Office365, and MS Exchange.

mail & text notifications

The platform contains SMS and email automation options for appointment notifications and customer reminders. Including the "add to calendar" functionality.


Skedify’s interface is available in the language of your choice. But that's not all; we also provide multilingual communication to your customers.

rest api

To offer maximum integration flexibility, we provide a clean and well documented REST API. Integrate our modular appointment scheduling system with any of your existing solutions.


Dates and times are not universal. Our platform is built with Timezone Standards in mind, and allows scheduling between different timezones.

Some ❤ from people

Skedify succeeds in redesigning a complex & time-consuming tangle of IT-systems in a simplistic way. A modular plug-and-play solution that simplifies the work for process and marketing managers, whilst offering new opportunities to personalize the relationship with customers.
I’m very pleased with our partnership with Skedify. Scheduling software is the missing link to go from a purely Digital Customer-Centric approach towards a Human-to-Human digital experience. Converting online visitors into real-life appointments is key in the customer journey and Skedify solves this issue with an intuitive product.
Our extensive network of local agencies is working more and more on appointment only. At the same time, we are investing heavily in our digital channels. Skedify succeeds in bringing those two trends together in harmony.

David Vansteenbrugge

Sales & Marketing manager Wijs

Vincent Vanderbeck

Managing Partner COMMA GROUP

Stefaan Lauwers

CEO Partena


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